Laureate Summits

Throughout our worldwide network of higher education institutions, each member of our global community shares a vision of making quality higher education more accessible and affordable so more students can pursue their dreams. It’s a mission we believe will help make the world a better place. We are squarely focused on outcomes – job placement and identifying opportunities for economic empowerment for a new generation of students globally.

N2The Laureate Summits gather the most thought-provoking leaders in countries to discuss the most pressing issues affecting young people. Laureate has convened leaders from business, education and government to discuss key actions that need to be taken to drive progress in countries around the globe.

The Summit on Youth & Jobs in Europe

In 2013 Laureate International Universities and Universidad Europea (UE) in Madrid brought together extraordinary leaders from across Europe to confront the serious challenge of youth unemployment. President Bill Clinton and King (then Prince) Felipe VI of Spain spoke about the challenges surrounding the issue and commended the attendees and panelists for their commitment to creating incentives for job creation in the region.

Universidad Europea held the second edition of the event in 2014, which expanded on the solutions proposed at the inaugural event. Laureate institutions in Portugal and Cyprus also held events in 2014, focusing on strengthening youth employment in those countries.



The Summit on Youth & Productivity in Mexico

This 2015 summit was organized at a critical time for Mexico — the nation’s Congress has passed 11 structural reforms during the past two years with the aim of improving productivity and global competitiveness. Convened by Laureate, the Aspen Institute Mexico and the Inter-American Development Bank, the meeting was attended by the Mexican minsters of economy and public education, along with more than four hundred leaders of top multinational companies.